Organizers and partners

BraMässor is Sweden's most fast-growing trade show organizer and was named the industry racket in the event medium Effect in October 2018. Together with various partners, we organize about 10 fairs per year in a number of different industries, ranging from industrial fairs to trade fairs for optics and toys. BraMässor is a completely independent trade show organizer, which means that we have the opportunity to organize our trade fairs in the place and location that the different industries prefer. Together in BraMässor, we have over 100 years of personal experience of organizing trade fairs and creating meetings that will last for both visitors and exhibitors.

Lek & Babybranschen is the industry organization for all players, manufacturers, wholesalers, importers or retailers in the Swedish market for toys, hobby, children's and baby products. As a member, you receive early information on rules and standards and participate in and influence them. You are involved in contributing to the industry's action against the authorities and the media. You also get to know the industry, important contact networks and good membership benefits. No one can manage all the laws and regulations themselves, but together we create the resources needed. For more information or to apply for membership in the Lek & Baby industry, visit You can also contact Jennifer Rydén Englund on 070-590 76 97 or

The magazin, Toy & Baby Revyn, contains all possible information for anyone who works with toys and baby products. It is owned by the trade organization Lek & Babybranschen and reaches almost all players in the Swedish toy and baby industry. It also has some distribution in the other Nordic countries. It is issued 6 times a year and is an excellent tool to reach out to both retailers and suppliers in the toy and baby industries.

Babyproffsen is Sweden's leading baby chain with today 25 stores from Luleå to Malmö. Our stores have many years of specialist expertise in baby and children where safety around you and your child is of great importance to us. Babyproffsen is a voluntary retail chain where members own their own stores and jointly they own Babyproffsen.

The chain saw the light of day in 1991 and it was started because they saw a need to make purchases together and they also wanted to market themselves jointly. These core values ​​are still valid. The chain has a common warehouse in Anderstorp where we prefer to have our own branded products assembled. From that store, the chain's members buy much of what later expectant consumers buy out in the stores. In 2016, we chose to start the first and so far the only store owned by Babyproffsen.

We have almost 100,000 unique visitors a month on, which of course is a fantastic figure considering that the number of births in Sweden is about the same per year. Every year we participate and organize a much appreciated fair. There, our stores have the opportunity to meet our contract suppliers for a couple of days. The stores will then have the opportunity to see the upcoming news, and they will also be given the opportunity to advance in a good way. A couple of fun days with our talented suppliers.

Finally, I would like to take a hit for our BABY lifestyle magazine. It is a magazine that we produce ourselves and which we then distribute to about 50% of all pregnant parents who are in Sweden. If you find the Baby Props concept exciting and interesting, you are welcome to contact us at